Benefits of Colour Coated Sheets

Roofing makes the whole difference in any structure; it is necessary to pick one that enhances the overall aesthetics.

Today, colour coated roofing and wall cladding sheets are the most preferred choice of the construction industry as people are choosing them over traditional iron roofing sheets. One example is GC Sheet, the reason for its popularity is its aesthetic feature with exceptional built quality. Also, low maintenance, durability and availability in different sizes and shapes make it suitable for various projects such as offices, garages, parking areas, warehouses, manufacturing industries, Godowns, cattle farms, food storage houses, and many more. Let’s look into the major benefits of colour coated roofing sheets.

Lightweight and Eco-friendly

The colour coated sheet seems heavy but in reality, they are light but that does not affect their quality. With a great strength-to-weight ratio, colour coated roofing and wall cladding sheets are strong enough to withstand any kind of situation. We at Sri ensure Great quality along with its sustainability with environmental factors. This makes Colour coated roofing sheets an eco-friendly choice as they are easy to recycle, which saves energy as well as the environment from harmful impacts.

Weather and Leak Proof

Colour coated sheets protect your home, godown, factory, garden, and other places in all seasons. Colour coated roofing sheet serves irrespective of climatic conditions SRI ensures high-quality raw material and treatments on its product to deliver the best roofing sheets to its customers. Our colour coated sheets survive generations with the same shine and quality for a long time, without fade in heavy rain, strong wind or bright sunlight.

Also, the colour coated wall cladding sheets have an anti-capillary groove system that makes them leakproof to prevent wall damps, including other water damages even in very severe climatic conditions. The colour coated roofing sheets are made to withstand every stock of nature.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Colour coated sheet lightweight nature makes it easy to handle & install. Especially when you are going for prefabricated Godown construction, warehouse construction, our roofing sheet will be quick and easy to install at the site. Also, the maintenance cost is very low, which makes colour coated metal sheets one of the best options in the long run.

Highly Durable and Corrosion Resistant

Colour coated roofing and wall cladding sheets are today mostly found in Galvalume coating, an alloy of aluminium and zinc. The anti-corrosive property of Al with the durability of Zn results in good thermal resistant properties. Its thermal-friendly nature gives a tough competition to all kinds of weather and heavy loads.

Moreover, colour coated roofing sheets' high corrosion resistance nature prevents rusting in the long run. As they last longer than the traditional roofing sheets, it’s the most preferred option in the current market.

Thermally Efficient and Safe

Colour coated roofing and cladding sheets generally comprise materials such as aluminium and zinc. Aluminium is known for its class-A fire rating and non-combustible nature, which makes it one of the best choices on safety terms. You don’t need to worry about lightning strikes as its fire-resistant property will not let it catch fire, nor the colour will fade or peel off in such situations. Whether you need it for home, garden shed, warehouse, factory, or any place, its fire-resistant capability will keep your place safe.

Aesthetically Appealing

The most advantageous feature of the colour coated sheet is its naturally shiny appearance. It simply enhances the aesthetic value of any building with its colourful outlook. Also, it is available in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, which makes it a suitable pick for resorts, airport hangers, restaurants, decorative purposes, garden sheds, and much more.

We offer top-quality Kamdhenu colour coated roofing sand sheets in several colours and designs like tile, trapezoidal, etc and ensures the durability of aesthetic elements.

Let’s Sum Up

Colour coated sheet is a good choice for roofing and wall cladding due to its wide offering, high quality and its also eco-friendly nature. Kamdhenu colour max colour coated metal roofing sheets are Made in India, with the best quality materials and efficient technologies at par with the international market. Let’s promote locally produced sustainable goods to help our country and our environment.

Kindly, consult your local contractor before choosing a roofing sheet as per your location. You can contact us anytime; we are always there to help you with choosing and installing The best and robust roofing sheets.

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