We are the pioneer of Prefabricated building construction services in the great state of Bihar. Our Prefabrication facilities are designed to be fully customer-centric in order to provide our clientele with turnkey Prefabrication solutions expertly delivered with the highest quality Prefabrication processes.

SRI PREFAB is committed to delivering premier-class Prefabrication solutions

Our specialized solutions into prefabricated constructions have gone a long way with quality production of modular cabin homes, prefabricated portable cabins, cold storage, warehouse, and various other prefabricated constructions solutions.

During the tough time of Covid , SRI is into constructing temporary covid wards, Covid care centres, Isolation wards, Police sheds and many other prefabricated buildings to help the state to fight with Covid strongly than ever.


From concept to creation, everything Prefabricated...

SRI’s Prefab Structures are custom-designed, expertly built, and specifically optimized to meet the client's exact expectation, needs, & requirements and can also withstand the harshest climatic conditions. We provide pre-engineered buildings, as well as modular construction solutions to our clients, based on their specific needs.

Our Prefab constructions and building materials are highly malleable and customizable to suit multiple building dimensions, have maintenance-free toughened exteriors, and are created for maximum space utilization and excellent strength while maintaining the highest safety standards for the constructions.

Our PEB building design Solutions overlap the traditional construction modes on all levels with cost-effective methods and the commitment to timely completion.

We are involved in designing numerous structures for the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors, including factories, warehouses, prefabricated cabins, workshops, aircraft hangars, cold storage, stadiums, supermarkets, and even high-rise buildings. We have also started operating under healthcare sector for constructing temporarily covid centres, Isolation wards and Covid Hospitals for the treatments of corona patients in the state.

We are having strong and technically sound team for constructing these healthcare constructions within a short period of eight to ten days. We are working on the edge of our best of the capability to make “Atmanirbhar Bihar” to fight with Covid infections strengthfully.

Our client's trust the excellent quality Prefabrication work we do for them and prefer us as the best steel manufacturing company over competitor’s companies which is just complementary to the other unique blends of advantages we provide:

  • Guaranteed superior quality & extremely cost-effectiveness
  • Precisely customized & maintenance-free Prefab solutions
  • Better ductility, malleability, and flexibility for reconfiguration
  • Earthquake resistant & energy efficient roof & wall systems
  • Excellent weldability & high thermal resistance of products
  • Timely manner of product delivery with easy-to-move packaging

Quality Assurance


Customized solutions

Customer Centric

Our Services are influenced by the 21st-century ultra-modern construction techniques that renovate and uplift the way we build. We are committed to creating high-quality and cost-effective innovative buildings with extreme precision within the agreed time-frame ensuring reduction of construction waste and late expenses too. We also understand your brand preferences and aim to provide cost-effective Prefabrication services as per your requirement and needs.

One-Stop Prefab-Solution Centre

Our Services offer a complete solution for all your prefabrication needs resulting in the timely and easy fulfillment of the customer’s strategic goals. With a number of highly technical departments and their strategic coordination, we undertake all assigned tasks sincerely.



Project Management


Engineering and design

PREFAB Applications

Saraf Real Infra delivers cutting-edge 3-D Prefab Solutions that comprise modular structural units to be combined at the site with other building units. This is a relatively faster mode of construction as the modular units can be prefabricated off-site and can be delivered on-site simultaneously with site preparation.

The 3-D building elements may be structural elements, architectural elements, service elements, or a hybrid of the three, enabling the construction to go multi-level.

Our Prefab materials can be applied to the construction of a wide variety of structures like Factories, Warehouses, Showrooms, Offices, Schools, Hospitals, On-Site Offices, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Malls, Sports Stadiums, and other recreational facilities.

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